Errors and Omissions

There is an error in Chapter 9 of How to Retire in Malaysia. The link is set as https// Your browser will not find this site.The correction can be made in the URL bar of the browser by adding a colon (:) after the "s" in "https" or by deleting the "s" and adding a colon (:) in its place.

There is an error in Chaper 5 of How to Retire in Malaysia. The reference in line 3 of the "Pensions" section should be to "a Malaysian bank" not as is written to "a Belizean bank".

There is a missing link in Chapter 6 of How to Retire in Ecuador under the "Driving Licenses" heading at "Gary and Sue Gaithers" The link is: which can be accessed by clicking here.

How to Retire in Ecuador.The correct web site link in chapter 4 under the heading Application Requirements, second paragraph is Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This is consequent upon the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants having their mandate to regulate immigration consultants withdrawn by the Minister for Immigration. This action was confirmed by the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal in June 2012.

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The site providing this display is not working again and has been dispensed with. See "StopPress" for details

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