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Retirement Abroad - 8 Questions to Ask

by Les Johns

This article discusses how retirement comes to all of us. It does not matter whether we work in "normal" jobs, in sport or even if we do not have to work at all. Eventually we all have to stop working. Sometimes this comes about simply by the attaining of age or the limit of years that an employer prescribes. In physically demanding situations such as contact sport the body can endure no more. Voluntary situations can also be demanding enough for retirement to become a necessity.

However retirement comes it is necessary to plan for it if a success is to be made of it. Retirement abroad is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. To ensure success in a new country a retiree must satisfy the eight questions posed in the article.

Retirement Abroad - Location, Location, Location

by Les Johns

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Retirement Abroad - Location is the Key

It is important to choose the right place if retirement abroad is to be a success. Where to look for information and how to interpret what is available is the subject of this article. Also presented in this piece is the "Golden Rule". This states that no irrevocable action should be taken or decision made with respect to a country in which to retire without visiting that place at least once and preferably more often. Trips to likely places should be taken as vacations in the last few years prior to retirement before a final choice is made.

Retirement Abroad - Just Visiting

by Les Johns

The practical steps that have to be taken to apply the "Golden Rule" are the subject of this article. Passports, visas, health requirements and other matters demanded by countries before a person will be admitted, even on a short term basis, are considered. Also discussed is what to look for and how to approach the investigation. "Golden Rule" trips are not just tourist trips or simply holidays.The conditions for permanent living must be sought. Satisfying the needs of short term tourist visitors is very different from providing for the needs of permanent residents.

Retirement Abroad - There to Stay

by Les Johns

Getting permission to stay permanently in a country is very different from making a short tourist visit. This article discusses matters such as sponsors, supporting documents, police clearance certificates, visas and basic identification items. Passports, birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees and various references both financial and personal are mentioned as is the possible need for translation and apostillation. The sources of these documents will vary and some detective work may be necessary depending on personal circumstances to collect them all. Everything must be unexpired at the time of submission to the appropriate authorities. Also important is the need to act upon any visa granted before it expires. Failure to take up a visa may result in the denial of the application for permanent residency. At the very least it is likely to mean that a new set of unexpired documents will have to be submitted probably at considerable cost in time and money.

Retirement Abroad - Offshore Bank Accounts

by Les Johns

Everyone has had and used a bank account for many reasons and purposes. An offshore account has previously been cloaked in a bit of mystery with connotations of illegality and criminal activity. This article dismisses these perceptions. The days of anonymous numbered accounts have almost disappeared. Offshore bank accounts can be established by anyone openly and legally. They are are often safer and more secure than "onshore" accounts. An offshore account is simply a bank account with an organisation that conducts its business in a country other the place in which the account holder resides. Details of precautions and practicalities are given in this article.

Retirement Abroad - Time is the Enemy

by Les Johns

Time influences the lives of everybody and everything. Except in this aspect time is not a constant. It varies from place to place on the Earth's surface. No attempt is made here to address the subject of time in an academic or philosophical manner. Instead consideration is given to explaining time as it relates to the choices retirees may have to make with respect to a place to which to retire. Latitude, longitude, seasons and time differences from place to place are explained together with effects that may be expected on day-to-day activities and needs.

Retirement Abroad - Police Clearance Certificates

by Les Johns

This article describes and discusses police clearance certificates. Such certificates are usually required by countries from applicants for permanent residence. The production of such certificates is part of a country's crime fighting efforts. Precise applicant identification is essential in order to obtain a police clearance certificate although the requirements of countries needing the certificates can vary greatly.

Retirement Abroad - Local Banks

by Les Johns

Opening bank accounts can be difficult in new countries. This article describes some of the problems that may be encountered and suggests a few solutions. Anticipation and good advice can help choosing a new bank and in achieving the desired result. The difficulties that may arise in the U.S.A. are described to illustrate the frustrations that a new immigrant can face even without a language difference.

Retirement Abroad - Obtaining Credit

by Les Johns

This article considers the difficulties immigrants can face when applying for credit in a new country. The reasons for the problems are discussed and the parties involved in the decision making processes are identified. Practices in the U.S.A. are used as examples of the situations that may be faced by new residents. The solutions mentioned can only mitigate the difficulties not cure them. As always life can continue normally given pre-planning for the situations that may arise.

Retirement Abroad - Driving Licenses

by Les Johns

Obtaining a driving license is a necessary and relatively easy process. A license is not only evidence of an acquired skill but is often also a primary identification document. An International Driving License is particularly useful for this latter purpose. Many countries are quite relaxed about visitors' foreign licenses for short term stays but are more demanding so far as residents are concerned. It is not worth the possibility of acquiring a criminal record by failing to get an appropriate driving license.

Retirement Abroad - An Overview

by Les Johns

The general requirements for obtaining permanent residency in any country can be very detailed and demanding. No prospective retiree should consider moving permanently to another country without having an eye for detail, an understanding of government procedures, stamina and tenacity. A country is unlikely to relax rules and regulations for prospective new residents and thereby risk allowing the settlement of those who are of dubious character or are unhealthy. Those contemplating retirement abroad must appreciate that prescribed procedures are intended to ensure that only those who are of good character and in good health will obtain the right of permanent residency.

Retirement Abroad - Access to Earnings and Pensions

by Les Johns

It is vital that a retiree has cheap and easy access to any earnings, local or offshore, and to any pensions. Some organizations will pay pensions to almost any country in the world. Where this is not possible there are schemes of arrangement available in some countries which comply with the tax and other regulations in the originating country. A conservative attitude should be adopted in transferring funds to the retirement country. Use of an offshore bank account will facilitate this and provide an element of financial safety.

Retirement Abroad - Social and Environmental Considerations

by Les Johns

Social and environmental conditions contribute greatly the comfort and enjoyment that can be experienced in any country. First-hand knowledge of local conditions will enhance the chances of making a good choice of a place in which to retire. No single source of information on any matter should be taken as comprehensive. It is important to understand the origin of sources to properly evaluate any points being made to compensate for any undisclosed and inherent bias.

Retirement Abroad - Help to Be Avoided

by Les Johns

Many different sources of information will be discovered in the search for a country when considering retirement abroad. Many organizations charge very heavily for their offerings. Even if the advice is good and useful rather than spurious and superfluous fees can often be minimized or avoided. This is especially true in the initial stages of an investigation. As information is gathered it will become easier to discriminate between what is worthwhile and what is worthless. if a predominantly "Do-it-Yourself" attitude is adopted much expense will be saved.

Retirement Abroad - Different Kinds of Insurance

by Les Johns

Change always presents risks. This is true so far as a move is concerned whether it be simply going to a new suburb or retiring abroad. Insurance is important, but for some purposes it is not available from the usual sources. Some other form of safety net must be found. Often this must be personally devised. This article describes some reasons why protection may be needed. Different kinds of insurance are implicit in the financial measures mentioned and in the application of the "Golden Rule" which is defined here.

Retirement Abroad - Occupational Therapy

by Les Johns

Taking up a satisfying occupation can be the difference between boredom and interesting period of life in retirement. There are many choices for the retiree which may include exercising an already acquired skill in a new way, learning something new or achieving a long held ambition. There is no need to be burdened with an onerous job and tight deadlines. This is not how the retirement years are intended to be filled. This article considers just three outlets for retirees looking to avoid pointless inactivity.

Retirement Abroad - Working for Pleasure and Profit

by Les Johns

This article considers more occupations that would not be too burdensome for retirees. Again the point is to avoid boredom in retirement without taking on too much. This is indicative of the fact that there are many choices open to a retiree. There is no need to be burdened with an onerous job and tight deadlines. A retirement occupation can be fulfilling and satisfying. This article considers just three outlets for retirees looking to avoid pointless inactivity.

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Retirement Abroad - Missing the obvious

by Les Johns

This article demonstrates that the "Golden Rule" is not obvious. Very often people act without thought or planning. They then face huge and often irreparable difficulties and wonder how and why misfortune befell them. Retirees, who may be forgiven for such lapses owing to the frailties of age, are not the only ones who may and do act without pre-planning for safety and survival. Clear rules and easily obtained information are often not sought or are ignored. Reliable sources quoted in this article confirm this lack of sound common sense. It should be taken as a warning by all.

Retirement Abroad - Another Option

by Les Johns

An alternative to settlement in one country is considered in this article. Effectively the suggestion is for life as a perpetual tourist. The ability to earn an income on the internet and the easy availability of tourist or short term visas where these are necessary has made this lifestyle a real possibility. Good advanced and continuous planning is all that is necessary to adopt this alternative option to retirement abroad in a specific country. Living out of a suitcase may not be for everyone but, after a while, a case deposited with a friend at every port of call mitigates even this disadvantage and avoids excess baggage charges.