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Retirement Abroad

Targeted Resources

The following links are targeted at the counties or services listed on the left. Some of them may have been used in the general discussions on the other tabs but others may be new. Some will be to "home" pages of sites and others will take you to particular pages of sites.

Your own searches may have led you different sites that may be pertinent or which you may think would interest fellow retirees. You can e-mail the details of such sites to this web site. Your information could, in time, be listed on this site and in future books of the companion series (Titles "How to Retire in ......(name of country)" by Les Johns) for the benefit of all. The author and all who view the results of your research thank you for your time and effort.

There will be a loose classification into areas dealt with by the sites e.g.Tourism; Official Government; Commercial Enerprises etc. This looseness is simply because some sites cross the descriptive boundaries. No general coverage of countries could possibly be tailored to suit everybodies' total requirements. After reading the previous descriptive pages relevant to the countries of particular interest to you it should be possible to glean information specific to your own circumstances by dipping into the following sites. Some countries provide more comprehensive information on line than do others.

Generally there will be no comment or discussion of the sites. An exception to this occurs in the case of the "Banking" page where some comment on the origin of a few of the organisations named is made because of changes that have been brought about by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/9 and in subsequent years. In Europe in particular there has been some consolidation and rationalisation of ownership although previously familiar names have sometimes been retained. Other minor points, such as the language in which the bank normally conducts its business, are mentioned.

An Alternative Strategy

The Freedom Confidential organization has been mentioned in a previous page. It provides information on a lifestyle different from retirement to a particular country. The alternative is that of a "perpetual tourist". This concept is neither as startling nor as prohibitively expensive as it might at first seem to be the case. As a service to retirees (or others) to whom this different approach to retirement may be attractive the above link may be useful. Membership of the Freedom Confidential organization is not expensive, currently $97. Current members of SovereignLife can be "freely ported" to Freedom Confidential for a short period.