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The concepts of Freedom Confidential and are fully discussed in the book "How to Retire in Your World" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.

The links here refer almost exclusively to the Freedom Confidential organization.

Freedom Confidential is a major "resource" source in itself.


The ideas and principles of the philosophy remain. They are continued as is the service to members at Freedom Confidential. It is recommended that you go to this site for a full explanation of what is offered. Current members of SovereignLife can take advantage of "free porting" to Freedom Confidential for a short period. This is worth $97 and is clearly well worthwhile.

For the moment the Reseller License is suspended and no longer available. Watch this space for later developments.

Freedom Confidential The successor to Sovereignlife.

Relinquishing or renouncing U.S. citizenship Part 1

Relinquishing or renouncing U.S. citizenship Part 2

Freedom Confidential is always on the look out for income earning possibilities for its members. A guiding principle of the organization is self-sufficiency via online activity to enable members to enjoy a life free from government interference.