The Dominican Republic Links

All of the links given below can be found in and are fully discussed in the book ""How to Retire in The Dominican Republic" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.

Tourist Pages

General Information

Getting There

Hotels & Resorts

Local and Offshore Attractions

Academic Attention to Dominican Tourism

Government Promotion of Tourism

Overseas Diplomatic Encouragement of Tourism and Business (U.K.)

Overseas Diplomatic Encouragement of Tourism and Business (U.S.A.)

U.S. Government Information for Travelers to the Dominican Republic

Other Comprehensive Information on The Dominican Republic

A Description and History of the Country and its People

Geography of The Dominican Republic

A Small Country

Offshore Islands

Language, Manners and Etiquette

A Potpourri of information

Comprehensive Presentation of The Dominican Republic

History of The Dominican Republic

Dangerous Dominican Republic

Government and Immigration Department Pages

The site links provided below are not strictly Government or Immigration Department publications but the organizations concerned are authoritative and "official" in the administration of the immigration procedures described.

Apostille Converntion

The Government

The Economy

Direccion General De Migracion (Site currently under repair - July 2012)

A Digest of Sites

Embassy in the United States

Embassy in the United Kingdom

Overseas Representation (This site is slow to load)

The Apostille Convention

Dominican Tourist Information on Visas

legal matters

From Guzmán Ariza

Guzmán Ariza’s Site

Dominican Real Estates (On Residency)

Police Clearance Certificates


Driving Comments

On Safety

Safety Again

On Traffic Police

Driving and Other Things

Advice via “Lonely Planet”

Getting a Driving License


List of Banks

The Central Bank

Overseas Bank

The World Bank Report

Banking Problems

Managing Money

Exchange Control

Opening a Bank Account


The Frozen British Pension

British Pensions in Australia Group

Australian Pension Authority

British Pension Authority

QROPS Offshore Investment Designer

Horizon QROPS


Duarte Peak

Desert area

A Good Description of the Climate

Graphical Representations

Maps of the Country and its Location

Graphical and Statistical Information


Maps of The Dominican Republic

Maps of the World

Maps Showing Location in Caribbean

Maps of the Dominican Republic


Longitude and Time

Time Round the World

Time in The Dominican Republic

A World Standard in Time Determination

Personal Time Settings