Panamanian Links

All of the links given below can be found in and are fully discussed in the book "How to Retire in Panama" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.

Tourist Pages

Official Web Site of the Republic of Panama

Wikipedia on Panama

Panama in Detail

A Short History of Panama

Government and Immigration Department Pages

The site links provided below are not strictly Government or Immigration Department publications but the organizations concerned are authoritative and "official" in the administration of the immigration procedures described.

Panama Immigration Services

Visa Requirements (and other things)

More on Visas (go right to the bottom of the page for some interesting information)

Pensianado Visa in Detail


Driving in Panama

Obtaining a Driving License

U.S. Citizens’ Guide to a Driving License


List of Banks

Opening a Bank Account in Panama

Banking and Confidentiality


Adventure Smith Explorations

Weather All Over

Maps of Panama

Map of Panama and North America

Lonely Planet’s Map of Panama (Don’t forget to open the map at the top of this web page.)


Time Across the World

Time Related to Greenwich Mean Time