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All of the links given below can be found in and are fully discussed in the book ,"How to Retire in New Zealand" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.

Tourist Page

New Zealand

North Island

South Island

Welcome New Zealand

Tourism Strategy

Government and Immigration Department Pages

It should be noted that with respect to some of the links provided below forms, fees and locations can change. You should check with your nearest New Zealand authorities for the latest information.

General Migration Information

Evidence of Good Character

Police Clearance Certificate Guide

Health Requirements

Pensions (social security)and Income

Panel Doctors

The Parent Category

Parent Category Qualifications

Intending Resident's Application Form

Parent Sponsorship Requirements

Sponsor Qualifications

Sponsorship Application Form

Evidence of Family Residency

Evidence of Death of a Parent or Parents

Office and Fees Finder

Synopsis of the above pages and more

Parent Application Checklist


New Zealand Transport Agency

Driving Information

International Driver's Guide


New Zealand MetService

Some Specific Weather Details

More comprehensive Weather and Climate Information

Met Office New Zealand

Maps of New Zealand

Maps:-New Zealand from Many Perspectives


Time and Longitude

Time Across the World