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All of the links given below can be found in and are fully discussed in the book "How to Retire in Ecuador" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.

Tourist Pages

There will be a loose classification into areas dealt with by the sites e.g.Tourism; Official Government; Commercial Enterprises etc. This looseness is simply because some sites cross the descriptive boundaries. No general coverage of countries could possibly be tailored to suit everybody's total requirements. After reading the previous descriptive pages relevant to the countries of particular interest to you it should be possible to glean information specific to your own circumstances by dipping into the following sites. Some countries provide more comprehensive information on line than do others.

Generally there will be no comment or discussion of the sites. An exception to this occurs in the case of the "Banking" page where some comment on the origin of a few of the organizations named is made because of changes that have been brought about by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/9 and in subsequent years. In Europe in particular there has been some consolidation and rationalization of ownership although previously familiar names have sometimes been retained. Other minor points, such as the language in which the bank normally conducts its business, are mentioned.

Embassies and Consulates


Not a large industry

Local Peoples and Culture

National Parks

Wildlife of Ecuador

Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

Wildlife Conservation Society

Flora of Ecuador

Active Adventures

General Tourist Information

Tourist Destinations, Pictures and Advice

Reliable Information from Lonely Planet

Travel Guide

Maps of Ecuador

Pictures of the Coastline

Pictures of the Mountains

Pictures of Tropical Rain Forests

Pictures of the Galapagos Islands

Pictures of Rivers

Ethnic Diversity and History

Government Tourist Promotion

U.S. State Department Advice on Ecuador


Dangerous Roads




Railway Pictures

Cost of Living

Country Comparison of Living Costs

Prices in Cuenca


Government and Immigration Department Pages

Some of the site links provided below are not strictly Government or Immigration Department publications but the organisations concerned are authorative and "official" in the administration of the immigration procedures described. All of the web sites listed below have been mentioned in and are also accessible from the previous chapters. Not all of those mentioned before have been listed here. Many of the sites will lead to others and to alternative pages which may be of interest to you. Your own searches may have led you different sites that may be pertinent or which you may think would interest fellow retirees. You can e-mail the details of such sites to the author via the web site that is relevant to this and other countries. Your information could, in time, be listed on the site and in future books of this series for the benefit of all. The author and all who view the results of your research thank you for your time and effort.

Apostille Convention

Apostille Convention - an explanation

Embassies and Consulates

A Democratic Republic

The 2008 Constitution

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio e Integración

For US Residents or Citizens

Immigration lawyers

Lawyers in Quito and Guayaquil

Visa Application Experiences

Retiree Benefits in Ecuador

A useful Report for Retirees

Lawyers in Cuenca

History of Transportation

Useful Site on Police Clearance Certificates

Australian Notes on Police Clearance Certificates

Looking for Birth Certificates

British Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Tracing Ancestors


The Central Bank

The Economy of Ecuador

List of Banks

Banks Which Also Use the English Language

A View of Ecuadorian Banks

A More Optimistic View of Ecuadorian Banking

Some Cautionary Tales

Exchange Controls

Working in Ecuador

Income Tax in Ecuador

Doubtful Practice


British Government Pensions

Frozen British Pensions

CentreLink (Australian Pensions)

Other Pension Advice (Qrops)

More Qrops Information

Financial Advice

Offshore Company Formation



Driving Licenses (The Official Site)

Obtaining a Driving License (Unofficial Information)

American Automobile Association

Advice from Experience

U.S. Information on Driving in Ecuador

Less Encouraging Information About Driving

Account of a Journey Along the Coast

Driving, Licenses and Car Purchase Advice

Concise Information



Different Climatic Regions

Climate Pictures, Statistics and Charts

Descriptions of the Ecuadorian Climates

Some General and Location Specific Details

Micro-climate Descriptions Relevant to Retiree Areas


Location of Ecuador

Location of Galapagos Islands

Time in Ecuador

Ecuadorian Time Compared with GMT

Longitude and Time

Maps of Ecuador

Map showing Equator

Three Distinct Regions

Maps of Ecuador

Pictures and maps of River systems