Retirement Abroad

Helping Hands

The following are web sites of businesses that can assist with immigration and/or financial matters. Being Commercial concerns they charge for their services. You must assess the value of their offerings compared with what you can do for yourself at no cost but your own time and official and other unavoidable charges

Capital Conservator

World Offshore Banks

OCRA World Wide

A & P Intertrust Corporation


Invest Offshore

Thetabiz Offshore

The Sovereign Society Freedom Alliance

National Visas (Australia)

Migration Expert (with links to Canada, U.K. and U.S.A.)

Quick Visas (Australia)

Bradley & Associates (U.S.A. immigration specialists)

Visa HQ

P T Shamrock (General complementary services)

Australian Migration Pty Ltd.

The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants

Fidelity Overseas Ltd


Global Formations

Tracing Services (Ancestors)