Belizean Links

All of the links given below can be found in and are fully discussed in the book "How to Retire in Belize" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.

Tourist Pages

The Belize Tourism Board.

The Great Blue Hole

the Wikipedia page and links

The Northern Cayes

Caye Caulker


The Belize Tourism Association

"Easy Belize - How to Live, Retire, Work or Invest in Belize"


Real Estate (and other matters)

Belize in Pictures

The Animals of Belize

Snakes of Belize

Look But Don't Approach

The Bugs of Belize

Government and Immigration Department Pages

Some of the site links provided below are not strictly Government or Immigration Department publications but the organisations concerned are authorative and "official" in the administration of the immigration procedures described.

The Belize Government

Ambergrise Caye

Belmopan City

Belize Tourism Board

RetirePedia site

Cost of Living

"Belize First Magazine"(Cost of Living (2009))

Police Clearance Certificates

Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants



Belize City

"Belize First"

Belize Guide

Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 2000


Climate Overview


Weather Data

Guide to Averages


Belize Weather and Seasons

Maps of Belize


Maps of the Yucatan Peninsula

A Road Map


Time and Temperature

Time Across the World

Related to Greenwich Mean Time