New Zealand

Finding a visa

As is the case with both Canada and Australia it is necessary to have willing and qualified sponsor in order to obtain a visa which will allow permanent residence. The exception to this is for Australians going to New Zealand and vice versa. The Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement has since 1973 allowed citizens of each country to go to the other and to remain there to work and live indefinitely. The Special Category Visa (SCV) is granted automatically to citizens of either country. The details are specified in the web site of Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Also mentioned at this site are arrangements revised in 2001 with respect to social security. The only restrictions with respect to the SCV concerns the health and criminal record of applicants. Anything unsatisfactory in these matters will prevent the visa being issued.

The web site of New Zealand Immigration Department and various links in it specify the requirements and qualifications for all visas whereas the "familycategories.htm" page refers specifically to Family categories. The New Zealand authorities' procedures are probably a little more complex and demanding than are those of either Australia or Canada but they not insuperable.

The links at the "Resources" tab of this site and the book "How to Retire in New Zealand" by Les Johns, which can be bought directly from this site, covers all of the details of these matters.

Getting Help

All of the usual assistance is available here and also here under the "Australian" and "Canadian" sections respectively. In addition to a firm called "Global Visas" there is also another organisation, "Neilson Immigration and Business Consultants", dedicated to providing assistance specifically with New Zealand Visas. Neither of these organisations give any idea on the web sites of just what their charges might be. Caveat emptor must be the watchword at all times.

This point is made in the book "How to Retire in New Zealand" by Les Johns. Again the links at the "Resources" tab of this site will be helpful and time saving.