Finding a Visa

The Canadian government announced a two year pause in the accepting of parent and grandparent visas as from November 2011. Such immigrants are the only possible retirees who can enter Canada on a permanent basis. The program opened again in January 2015 and has now closed once more until next year after the receipt of 5,000 applications.The "Citizenship and Immigration Canada" web site gives details of all types of visas available for entry into Canada.

A link to this site and others is given at the "Resources" tab on this site. Residency and citizenship is discussed fully in the book "How to Retire in Canada" by Les Johns which is available from this site.

Getting Help

An application for migration to Canada can be initiated by yourself or your sponsor. It is a relatively simple matter to prosecute an appliaction to its conclusion yourself. There is a plethora of organisations that will assist in obtaining visas for Canada. Some deal with applications for visas just for Canada, others are of a more general nature and will assist with migration to many countries. The services offered may well be expert and provided by experienced personnel but they will not be free. As is the case with Australia, it is not difficult to deal directly with the appropriate authorities.

Links under the "Resources" tab of this site will be useful as will reference to the book "How to Retire in Canada" by Les Johns which can be purchased from this site. A great deal of research time will be saved by using this book