Finding a Visa

The official Department of Immigration web site covers every possible kind of visa that is available. It takes a little time to navigate to find details of the visa that you require. You will find that as a retiree it is not easy to come to Australia on a permanent basis unless someone who is eligible to do so will sponsor you. In most cases this would be your child.

There is another kind of visa for persons of advanced age (over 55 years) but such a visa does not lead to "permanent resident" status and thus cannot lead on to full citizenship. These visas also require the bringing to Australia of a large investment sum ($AUS500,000 or more).

This is not what the average retiree needs although very often citizenship is not a priority for retirees.In general a period of residency of 4/5 years is required before a retire qualifies for application to become a citizen.

Full details of the requirements that must be fulfilled to retire in Australia are provided in the book "How to Retire in Australia" by Les Johns which can be purchased from this site.

Getting Help

To seek help via diplomatic representation it must be remembered that Australia is a federation of states and territories. Both the Commonwealth of Australia and often all or some of the states and territories have diplomatic representation in many countries. You will be able to obtain appropriate advice, literature and forms from the Embassy or Consulate or the state or territory Agent-General's Office. Many "third parties" offer help, usually at a price that is often very high. Links to such sites are given under the "Resources" tab on this site and in the book and warnings are also provided.

Web links for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, embassies, consulates and Agents-General offices are given at the "Resources" tab of this site and in the book "How to Retire in Australia" by Les Johns which can purchased from this site.