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Police Clearance Certificates

Police clearance certificates are probably the most difficult documents to obtain when applying for permanent residence of new country. The reason for the need for such certificates is clear. No country wishes to import a criminal element into its population. Police clearance certificates are issued by most countries but collecting them from Third World countries or places where official corruption is prevalent is often neither easy nor quick.

The good news is that police clearance certificates are not usually required of tourists or short term visitors to most countries. This is not to say that any given country will admit a criminal, a suspect or anyone of dubious character. Often reputation will precede a visitor. If one is the subject of an international (Interpol) arrest warrant it is likely that most countries will know this fact. Admission to a country is likely to be denied for this reason. Even if such restraint is not officially required it is possible that news/media reports may cause denial of entry. For most people who are of good character these problems will not exist

Relations between countries can affected for political reasons. A state of conflict may well prevent the entry of citizens of the belligerents into each place until normal relations are restored. Internal unrest can also mean that the usual movement of people across borders is prevented. Little can be done by individuals about such matters other than to be aware of the conditions and to avoid going to such countries for the duration of the troubles.

In general the fact remains that movement across borders is comparatively simple for short term visitors compared with those seeking permanent residence. This is a very happy state of affairs for those wanting to pursue the life of a perpetual tourist as is promoted by the Freedom Confidential organization.


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Application Requirements

The Freedom Confidential philosophy will not make it any easier to obtain entry to another country other than to make available to you the experience and advice of those who have made the choice to roam the world.

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The useful links at the "Resources" tab on this site and the information in the book "How to Retire in Your World" by Les Johns will prove to be interesting for all intending retirees and travellers. The book can be purchased from this site.