Police Clearance Certificates

All that has been mentioned on this subject in respect of Australia applies also to Canada. There are some minor differences and some additional help is provided by the Canadian authorities for those who do not wish to employ professional assistance.

Canada is no different from most other countries in its desire to keep out criminal elements. Residence in a country for as little as six months will necessitate the obtaining of a Police Clearance Certificate.

There are useful links under the "Resources" tab on this site. The book "How to Retire in Canada" by Les Johns also covers this subject in good detail.

Application Requirements

The official Canadian Government Immigration web site,, is very comprehensive in dealing with this subject. Details of where to apply for Police Clearance Certificates in many countries is included in the information supplied. The usual Identity documents plus fingerprint charts are required to support an application for a Police Clearance Certificate to any country. An example of the minor differences between Australian and Canadian requirements is that these certificates must have been obtained no more than three months prior to the date of submission of any application.

Links under the "Resources" tab of this site and information supplied in the book "How to Retire in Canada" by Les Johns which can be purchased from this site will save you much research time with respect to this subject.