Police Clearance Certificates

Belize displays the usual reluctance to allow those of bad character to settle in the country. Since applications for residency must be made from within Belize and after at least a year's stay, a police clearance certificate from Belize itself will be needed. Clearance will also be needed from any country in which one has lived for six or more months.

Application Requirements

A very useful resource for obtaining the detailed needs of various police departments is provided by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. Included in this informative page of the Society's web site are the requirements of the Belize Police Department in Belmopan, the capital.

The difficulties mentioned in the Australian section can clearly also be encountered regardless of the country of destination. The same basic documentation of finger prints, a birth certificate and current identification will always be required. Fees are frequently subject to increases so such information provided in web sites is rarely current. Enquiries must be made of the appropriate authorities at the time of application for police clearance or any other certificates.

In addition to the above-mentioned sites the matter of Police Clearance Certificates is dealt with fully in the book "How to Retire in Belize" by Les Johns which can be bought from this site. Reference can also be made to the useful Canadian site listed under the "Resources" tab on this site.