Police Clearance Certificates

In common with many countries which have an immigrant program Australia wants to make sure that it is not importing a criminal element. This in contrast to its early history. Many citizens of Australia now wear their ancestors' criminal backgrounds and the reasons for their transportation to Australia, as a badge of honour. It picks them out as real dinkie die, ridgy didge or true blue Australians. Today Australia is more likely to deport criminals than to accept them as immigrants. Australia will provide police clearance certificates to applicants on a state and federal basis depending on the purpose for which they are needed. Not all countries will provide proof of the lack of a criminal record.

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Application Requirements

The Australian requirements so far as police clearance certificates are concerned are set out by The Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Also included on the Department's web page are the addresses and brief details of the documentary requirements for many countries of the world. The fees quoted on the Departmental information document are not necessarily accurate. (Some difficulty can occur when clearance certificates are required from countries whose civil services are not very efficient or where corruption is a possibility.) For the current situation in this respect it will be necessary to contact the issuing authority.

The minimum information that must be supplied to any country's authority for the issue of a Police Clearance Certificate is proof of identity, dates of residency and a set of finger prints.

This subject is fully explained in the book "How to Retire in Australia" by Les Johns which can be purchased directly from this site.