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Retirement Abroad

Beyond the Dreams of Most?

Some of the information and links here are not really for the average retiree. There are warnings here and some of the stuff of which dreams are made. Even winning a national lottery will not help to get you into some of the places mentioned below. Even if the best champagne is not available there is frequently an acceptable and cheap bottle of the sparkling stuff on offer or even just an average but drinkable drop of red or white plonk.

"The Rich are Different from You and Me"

Hemingway's response to Nick Carraway's remark in Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" was simply "Yes.They have more money." Some of the articles mentioned here show just what can be done with money. Shelter Offshore contains a lot of detail about just what can done by those who can truly be described as being "high wealth individuals". There is also a great deal of information the ordinary "retiree in the street" can benefit from with respect to offshore bank accounts. This is not a site to be digested at one sitting. You can spend hours enjoying and learning from the numerous links.

Just because you have successfully got into a country does not mean that you will be able to stay there. This site derives its income from those who want to come to the United States of America and those who, having got there, wish to stay there. "Do it yourself" devotees can find some help at Nolo Law for All but it will be necessary to purchase one or some of their books and/or e-books. These books cost anything from $US15 to $US45.

For just $US59 per year many answers to questions you may or may not have asked can be gleaned from the pages of Retirement Weekly although, again the emphasis is on the United States of America.

At $US495 it is possible to get a year's subscription to "Offshore Confidential" and some other reports via The Sovereign Society. Membership of the Society also means you can receive a monthly e-mail on topics of interest to retirees and others who wish to preserve their wealth and keep it from the hands of avaricious governments. There are sometimes "special offers" available on items such as "Offshore Confidential" giving subscriptions for "as little as" $US295.

For just $US149 for twelve months it is possible to get the International Living magazine which is a more down to earth publication about retirement opportunities. There often "special offers" for subscription costs and sometimes these come with free reports on allied topics.Similar advice can be found in Kathleen Peddicord’s publication the “Overseas Retirement Letter”. This is issued only in an online format and also includes many reports on specific topics. The subscription is $76 a year but both it and many of the reports are often offered at a substantial discount. If any similarity is noticed between International Living and the Overseas Retirement Letter this may be because Kathleen Peddicord was a previous editor of the former organization. It is the tenor of the various offerings that cause the similarity although in fact there are distinct differences between the publications.

A different approach to the topic not strictly of retirement but living a life of non-residency in any country is offered by David MacGregor (who has been mentioned before) with membership of Freedom Confidenial. Membership currently costs $97 but previous/current members of SovereignLife can be "freely ported" to the new organization for a short time. All of the usual topics, offshore banking, shelf companies, asset protection etc are addressed with membership of Freedom Confidential.

A useful site on a slightly different level is Transitions Abroad. It covers many aspects of living, working, travelling, volunteering and studying abroad with a host of helpful notes on what to do and where to go if things go wrong.

It is necessary to be discriminatory in assessing the value of some offerings on line. This site offers a 722 page book about obtaining a second passport. The value of ploughing through such a tome must be doubtful. The possibility of getting a second passport valid in some 23 countries depends on having an Irish grandparent. The 23 countries are, of course, those which make up the European Union. Other countries will simply "sell" a passport which is valid for all countries of the world except the one from which it is issued. The utility of offering 722 pages on this subject must be questionable and this must make all of the offerings by The Sovereign Society of doubtful value at $US98 membership per year.

Of General Interest-Usually Without Cost

The following web pages are of general interest rather than being specific to any one particular country. Maps are always interesting and Maps of the World will be of interest to all.

A site especially interesting for current residents of the United Kingdom can be found at - expert advice on retirement - planning, pensions, travel and leisure where advice on all of the stated topics can be found.

This article is of particular interest to citizens of the United States of America and is not just for retirees. It is published by Casey Research but it may be significant that its authorship is not acknowledged.It is intended to anticipate the failure of the US currency along with all other fiat monetary systems.

An interesting development in dealing internationally with funds is the currently expanding use of digital currency. Details of this system which eliminates banks and governments from the transfer of funds can be found at this site or for a graphic demonstration of this monetary phenomenon go to this "you tube" video. Although interesting the use of Bitcoin may not yet be a practical solution to financial difficulties likely to be encountered by retirees.

The current price or exchange rate of a Bitcoin in U.S. Dollars can be found at this site, and more detail on movement in the Bitcoin market can be found elsewhere online.

It is perfectly possible to “google” any relevant word or phrase and to pick up some information connected with a specific enquiry. Unfortunately it may be necessary to peruse many sites to gain more than a superficial knowledge of the subject of the enquiry. The point of this web site is to provide a practical insight about retirement possibilities in the various countries. It would be impossible to achieve an exhaustive coverage of all available information. The author will always be grateful for information found by readers and which is new and very relevant. Such sources will feature for the benefit of all on this web site and in subsequent editions of the companion series of monographs published for Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes and Noble) (Titles "How to Retire in ......(name of country)" by Les Johns) and which can be passed on by e-mail via this site.

The Fanciful

In Passing - but Pricey

Interesting and Free