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Retirement Abroad

Assitance Available

The sites mentioned in this section are references to assistance that is available. In some cases they will have been referred to in other pages of this site. These sites are not specifically or solely concerned with Australia. Many offer their wares to a world wide customer base. Few if any of the banking services and off shore company and trust structures are offered via banks and organizations which are based in Australia. The country not is a major provider of financial services and does not have a strict banking code of confidentiality as that term is understood in places such as, for examples, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Panama.

At a Price - Not D.I.Y!

This site provides a good and brief description of offshore banking. It clearly favours the HSBC Bank and Barclays Bank but it also has many other links to useful information. This is a gentle introduction to sites of this kind and this one need not cost you anything.

The trend of giving information that may lead you sites which require a fee for services is continued with WOb or "World Offshore banks. It is a very comprehensive site with a great deal of information.

Capital Conservators is a fee for service organisation although a great deal of information can be gleaned from the site. A free 4 part e-course on private banking is offered. The services offered by Capital Conservators go well beyond the usual needs of retirees.

ocra world wide is another comprehensive provider of services well beyond the requirements of simple retirees. However, high wealth individuals may be happy to pay for the structures offered in various jurisdictions to protect their assets.

A & P Intertrust Corporation offers services in the U.S.A. and Canada as well as in some of the more "traditional" offshore banking and shelf company countries. This organisation is very "up front" about its charges with examples shown on its home page.

Coldwell specialises in company formation in many countries. It particularly promotes the Seychelles.

David MacGregor promotes his own organisation called Freedom Confidential. The organization encourages life as a "free world citizen" avoiding residency anywhere. Part of the objective is to escape the clutches of any government. The essence of all of David's activities is the capture of potential client interest and speedy follow up usually by e-mail. There are some interesting free offerings published with a view to attracting any takers to the purchasable items and ultimately to membership of Freedom Confidential. David is a dedicated supporter of the building of an online business as a practical freedom strategy. David is a very affable person who is always happy to encourage and help those who contact him.

Invest Offshore is a firm with a leaning more towards investment in anything from currency and stocks and shares to art, antiques and collectibles. It does also deal with offshore bank accounts and trusts.

A very comprehensive service provider in this area of offshore facilities is Thetabiz Offshore, a Panamanian organisation.

Many organisations such as those mentioned above exist. This list will be added to in time and any particular emphases will be highlighted.

The Sovereign Society makes many offerings at various prices and discounts. This set of publications, "How to get off the Grid" is one of the more expensive even with the "substantial discount" that was available when this site was current.(mid-year 2011)

This is another "get rich quick" offering via The Sovereign Society. Even at 56% off of the "normal" price there is only one party getting rich.

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