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Retirement Abroad

Getting About

For many years yet the preferred method for personal transport will be the motor car. This will be the case in all western developed or "first world" countries. Even on small islands such as Nassau the car predominates if only because of the hilly terrain. Motor cycles or scooters are more practical and are easily hired by tourists but many people are not comfortable on two wheels.

For any country the most basic and important fact to learn is "which is the correct side of the road on which to drive?" Mechanical control of a vehicle is comparatively easy whether it is a right-hand or left-hand drive machine. It is knowledge of the local laws and rules of the road which will make life safe and comfortable in a new place.

Some countries make it easy to exchange driving licenses and just a written test of local conditions is all that will be necessary. It is not that simple when all of your experience is in and your current license is issued by a country that drives on the opposite side of the road from that to which you retire. Usually a generous period of grace is allowed before it is necessary to obtain a local license.