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Driving is, today, a necessary skill. The mere mechanical capability of getting a motor vehicle into motion is insufficient. It is also essential that the rules applicable in the country in one is driving are well known. The basic rules are similar all over the world. The great divide is in which side of the road is the correct one on which to drive. About 65% of countries drive on the righthand side of the road and 35% drive on the lefthand side. Clearly it is essential to know what the practice is in the country in which one happens to be.

It is unlikely that a vehicle will be owned by anyone living the life of a traveler in the manner recommended by SovereignLife. What may be necessary from time to time is hiring a car or driving a friend's vehicle. These things are best done legally and safely. If driving experience is almost entirely in a country which drives on the left then it is worthwhile taking a short driving course in a country which drives on the other side of the road, and of course vice versa. Perusing the local rules of the road is also helpful. Taking notice of local drivers with respect to the habits and limitations of the native road users may save both damage and injury.

Driving Licenses

Usually a visitor's driving license is as acceptable as a local license for a short period in most countries. There may be problems with respect to the use of a visitor's own license issued in the country where the driving qualification test was passed in the case of a traffic accident where the local language is different from that in which the license is written. If road traffic authorities or the police are involved in any investigation a translation of the license may be needed. This can be expensive. Many countries issue International Driving Permits on the basis of possession of a local license. Such a license often cannot be used in the country of issue. The great advantage of such a license is that it is acceptable in many countries, it contains a photograph of the holder and is written in a number of languages. An International Driving Permit can be useful as an immediate identity document and it may avoid translation difficulties both at the scene of an incident and in any subsequent legal proceedings.


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