New Zealand


The first thing to note about New Zealand is that driving is done on the left of the road. There are three sites which deal with this subject. There is the tourist oriented New Zealand 100% Pure page from which there are links to other interesting facts about the country. The official details about driving in New Zealand can be found at the NZ Transport Agency or Waka Kotahi site. Although not unique to New Zealand this Agency does warn that there are railway crossings without active warnings. The third site dealing with this matter is the Driving In page.

Driving Licenses

The official NZ Transport Agency site deals with this point in great detail. All necessary details for tourists and new permanent residents are given here.

All of the above informtion is available from links at the "Resources" tab on this site and in the book "How to Retire in New Zealand" by Les Johns. The book is available for purchase directly from this site. It will save intending retirees much research time and avoid pleasurable but unproductive and time-wasting web searches.