Although an ex-British territory the right side of the road is the correct side on which to drive in Belize. Brief details of license, road rules and distances between main centres is given on the BelmopanCityOnLine web site. Full descriptive details of a driving license and the classes of vehicles is given in the Belize City site. Information about roads and road conditions never remains current for long but Lan Sluder's piece for the "Belize First" magazine is useful even though it was written in 2007. It describes the whole of the national road network and also provides many practical tips on driving in Belize. A road map is always useful and provides one that fits well with Lan Sluder's writings.

Driving Licenses

Details of the Belizean driving license have been given above. For short periods most foreign licenses are acceptable in Belize as are International Driving Permits. For full information the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act is definitive if not concise.

The links under the Resources" tab on this site and the book "How to Retire in Belize" by Les Johns covers all the above matters in detail. The book can be purchased directly from this site.