Australia is a federation of six states and two territories. Driving matters are the responsibility of the states and territories not the Federal government. There are, therefore, differences over the country in driving rules and regulations and licensing.

Australia drives on the left. Generally the concession rule is "give way to the right". Vehicles manufactured in Australia and imported vehicles are righthand drive.

Peculiar to Australia is the "road train". This is a large power unit pulling three or four trailers. The whole assembled vehicle can exceed 50 metres in length. With the speed limit in most parts of the country being 100 or 110 kilometres and hour on the open road overtaking road trains can be difficult. Australia is a big country and it is normal for both commercial vehicles and ordinary members of the population to drive long distances.

Driving Licenses

It is necessary to hold a valid unexpired driver's license in order to drive a vehicle in Australia. Most overseas licenses are accepted as valid for short periods but usually a local license must be obtained if it is intended to stay in a state or territory for more than 90 days.

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