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Retirement Abroad

Choosing Your Place

The Important Points

Your first decision is to choose to which country you wish to retire. Perhaps you may have a few in mind. It is vital that your information is up to date. You cannot make a valid choice unless you can compare current conditions in each place. Do not rely on your long term memory. Countries change over time for political, economic and even physical reasons. If you had ten good years in one country thirty years ago it is unlikely to be the same now.Whichever country is ultimately chosen as that in which to spend your retirement the "golden rule" should be "visit before making a final irrevocable decision".

List what is of paramount importance to you in order of priority. It may be the climate and time zone, or access to money, or entry conditions for long term residency and the eventual acquisition of citizenship or language or simply whether it is the right-hand or left-hand side of the road on which to drive.

If you have friends in your most desirable countries write, e-mail or telephone them for information. How ever close you are their priorities are unlikely to coincide with yours and your detailed knowledge of their situation financially, socially or with respect to family circumstances may not be as deep as you think and all will probably have changed over time. There is nothing to beat first-hand experience. Try to visit the countries on your list during you next vacation to try to narrow your choices down to just one or two countries.

Where do you go from here?

Once you have made your choice(s) the time has come for some detailed investigations. Where do you start?

You could wander all over the web and Google everything you can think of but this will take time and you can be easily distracted or side-tracked by the profusion of information available. Even so there is always the chance that you will miss an important point. This site is intended to put the best of information in one place and you will not have to sign up to buy what often turns out to be common knowledge, doubtful detail or simply biased opinion designed to have you purchase what is inconsequential.

the information you need so that you can make the right decision for you. To paraphrase the old saying "decide in haste retire with regret". Take your time, ask questions and have fun - it could become a lifestyle!

Consider in Comfort

While you are thinking about your options there may be no better place to do this than on Gozo, the quiet Island with a wonderful climate (and an ideal relocation destination in itself). It is easy to find full information about Gozo, its attractions and where to stay.