Describing Your World

The World is divided into almost 200 countries. This number is not recognized by all authorities but the full count is not important. All have their own peculiarities which affect how people live in them. Some are democracies, others are dictatorships; some are secular, others are theocracies; some are hot, others less so; some are dry, others are flowing with water; some are scenically interesting, others are featureless. There is an almost limitless number of ways to separate one country from another, to differentiate between them and to group them because of their similarities.

Usually people have the right of residency and the right to work in the country in which they were born. Sometimes a person can become displaced and have no residency or citizenship rights anywhere. For many reasons people, at various stages of their lives, choose or are required to live elsewhere than their country of origin.

Some occupations have always required that those working in them frequently see service abroad. This has been the case with those in a country's armed forces. In recent times the proliferation of multi-national companies have required that employees often travel overseas for extended periods. Improvements in the means of transport have enabled people to move over the World in increasing numbers. In colloquial terms the World has become "smaller". Traveling round the globe now takes hours by aircraft rather than years by sailing ships.

The reasons that people choose to live outside of their country of birth are at least as varied as the number of countries to which they could choose to go. The timing of emigration is also as different as are the reasons for it. Some move when young, others wait until retirement to look for a new place in which to live. Some change countries frequently others need to be more settled. The move across borders is as often a forced change as it is voluntary. Politics, religion, conflict and natural disasters all cause the migration of people who are as likely to go from one place to another willingly, necessarily or as refugees to avoid persecution.

The Freedom Confidential organization advocates life a perpetual tourist. Its reasons for doing so are many and varied. The lifestyle means that one is resident nowhere. This is not attractive to some. The arguments for adopting such a life are well established by the members and principal of Freedom Confidential. They are also unconventional and contentious in the views of those with a strong sense of territorial loyalty. It is, however, a mode of living which is freely available and a legal choice if desired.

Revealing the World can be as simple as viewing it from the Moon which shows it as a predominantly blue and white globe. Closer to the Earth's surface green and brown are revealed as two additional colors. On the surface it is possible to move between and across the white polar regions, the brown deserts, the green rainforests and grass plains and the blue oceans. Also at this level it is possible to appreciate the different elevations of one place compared with another. These features cannot be seen from the great distances of the Moon or even man-made satellites.

National borders are usually political phenomena which cannot be determined by any physical inspection. Often they do follow natural features such as rivers or mountain ranges but this occurs as a matter of human convenience by ruling powers and elites. The living situations of people on the ground have frequently been ignored by those able to establish borders and boundaries.

The Freedom Confidental organization does not advocate any revolutionary or politically de-stabilizing opposition to current national borders. It does propose that travel across and between nations should be a perfectly and freely allowable course of action available to anyone at any time. The choice of being a non-resident anywhere should be at the option of the individual. The reason why this is considered by some to be a contentious lifestyle is simply because the laws of most countries are territorially defined. Inevitably some such laws can be avoided if residency in a country is not adopted.

Other Considerations

If life as a perpetual tourist appeals to you then many other problems have to be solved. This includes most of the things that need attention when considering settling in one place permanently. In the first instance it would be a good idea to get an understanding of the flavour of the difficulties that Freedom Confidental identifies and of the solutions that it offers. That is, an appreciation of Freedom Confidential's philosophy will help.


The ideas and principles of the philosophy remain. They are continued as is the service to members at Freedom Confidential. It is recommended that you go to this site for a full explanation of what is offered. Current members of SovereignLife can take advantage of "free porting" to Freedom Confidential for a short period. This is worth $97 and is clearly well worthwhile.

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There are useful links at the "Resources" tab on this site and in the book "How to Retire in Your World" by Les Johns which enlarges on all of the above points can be purchased from this site.