Describing Canada

Canada is comprised of the ten provinces and three territories. As is the case with most British Dominion territories Canada has developed a Westminster style political system. This is very different from the American political administration based on checks and balances between an executive president, a bicameral parliamentary system directly elected by the population and an independent judiciary.

Also in common with other British Commomwealth countries which were settled by predominantly by British people Canada has always been an immigrant-welcoming country. This has changed in emphasis recently.

The country is best revealed via tourist information from both the Federal Government and the States and Territories. In general the web sites do not do justice to the rugged beauty and spectacular scenery of Canada.

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Other Considerations

All of the points mentioned under this heading in the Australian section will be relevant so far as Canada is concerned.

Having decided that Canada may be the place for you then you will save much research time by studying the book "How to Retire in Canada" by Les Johns which is available from this site.