Describing Australia

The information available on Australia is very comprehrensive and easily discovered. It is a western First World country to the south of southeast Asia. With New Zealand they are the only countries in this part of the world governed by a "Westminster" style of democracy. Full details of its heritage and history are given in the book "How to Retire in Australia" by Les Johns which is available in digital format from many retailers. It can also be purchased directly from this site.

An impression of the country can be gained from the many tourist sites produced by the Commonwealth Government and all State and Territory governments.Airlines, hotel chains and event sites (such as golf clubs) also contribute to Tourist publicity material that is easily available.

These links are provided at the "Resources" tab of this site and in the book "How to Retire in Australia" by Les Johns. The book can be bought directly from this site.

Other Considerations

With a place selected as desirable it is necessary to establish the possibility of getting there on a permanent basis. This can be a complex process. Matters such as income, visas and Police Clearance Certificates need to be considered.

Links at the "Resources" tab of thi site and the book referred to above "How to Retire in Australia" by Les Johnste will save retirees much research time. It can be purchased directly from this site and it represents good value for money as a time-saving research aid for those considering retirement abroad.