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Retirement Abroad

Hot and Cold - Any Time of Day

Extremes of heat and cold can be tolerated for a short time or even over a long period if there is a purpose or need in mind. Often your career will require you to serve in unpleasant places. These are "the exigencies of the service" as saying goes if you are to earn a living.

In retirement you want to be able to choose what is as close as possible to your ideal environment. Climate is an important comfort factor in picking a place in which to live.

Wherever you are from it is likely that you will leave some relatives or friends behind when you move. There will also be the need to contact some businesses or other organisations in your previous home country. It is useful to have a quick and easy reference showing the time of day both where you are and where you are trying to contact. Easy to manage web sites are available that will enable you to stay in touch at the right time. Such sites can often be employed without cost or with a voluntary contribution to help with the expenses of those who maintain them.