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Moving from place to place as a perpetual tourist means that, unless other things assume priority, It is possible to live continuously in whatever climate most appeals. Weather and climate research can be undertaken with respect to whichever countries are on the itinerary at any given time. The less pleasant aspects of a rainy season, a cyclone/hurricane season, a time of high humidity, a cold season or whatever is least desired can be avoided. The time of travel to any place is then essentially a very personal choice.


Many of the comments made above and in previous pages apply also to the time aspect of travel. Long or short twilight periods and time differences with respect to other places can be chosen as matters of convenience. Again the choices are very personal and no hard and fast rules can be suggested. It should be remembered that there can be time differences within countries that extend over many degrees of longitude. What is important is to understand just what causes time differences and twilight periods.

The Freedom Confidential. philosophy cannot have any influence over either the climate or the time anywhere. Being in a position to make choices with respect to these matters, which may be side issues compared with things such as financial security, will depend on the individual attitude to the Freedom Confidential lifestyle.


The ideas and principles of the philosophy remain. They are continued as is the service to members at Freedom Confidential. It is recommended that you go to this site for a full explanation of what is offered. Current members of SovereignLife can take advantage of "free porting" to Freedom Confidential for a short period. This is worth $97 and is clearly well worthwhile.

For the moment the Reseller License is suspended and no longer available. Watch this space for later developments.

The links at the "Resources" tab on this site and the information in the book "How to Retire in Your World" by Les Johns will add to this discussion about climate and time and will be interesting for all intending retirees and travellers. The book can be purchased from this site.