New Zealand


The weather in New Zealand is very variable for a small country. The "tourist" description is best given in the New Zealand 100% Pure site. More detail is given in this page from the same site. Those from the United Kingdom would find the weather familiar but with the added attraction of being able to access the sub-tropical climate of the Bay of Islands in the North Island. Winter sports and mountaineering are well catered for in the South Island. Cricket gets by as well as it does in England but Rugby, the major national sport, is ideally suited to the weather in either of the two main islands.

More details of the climate and weather can be found via the links under the "Research" tab on this site. The book, which can be purchased directly from this site, "How to Retire in New Zealand" by Les Johns also covers this subject.


Although New Zealand itself is not spread across many degrees of longitude there are time zones. Chatham Island is 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time and both observe daylight saving. A peculiarity of the time over the New Zealand dependencies of the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau arises because of the situation of these places relative to the International Date Line. The first two are about a day behind New Zealand time whereas the last is the same or one hour ahead of it. Daylight saving time is not observed in any of these dependencies. The Antarctic dependencies maintain the same time as New Zealand over the whole year.

Natural or Sun time is a function of the earth’s rotation on its axis. As the earth turns from west to east so the Sun rises later in locations west of any given place. Amanda Briney describes the relationship between longitude and time in more detail than is required here. There are many web sites which allow the display of the time at various places around the world.

An example of such a site, and what may be described as the best, is given under the "Resources" tab on this site. The book "How to Retire in New Zealand by Les Johns also deals with the subject of time.