Belize has a typically tropical climate with well defined wet and dry seasons. For Tourists an Overview of the Belizean Climate on a month-by-month basis is useful in planning a trip to Belize. The site describes the three climate and geographical zones into which the country can be divided. The book "Belize-A Country Study" edited by Tim Merrill mentions specifically on one page hurricanes by which Belize is occasionally hit. These storms can be very destructive owing to both the high winds and intense and heavy rainfall which accompanies them. Belize also experiences weather patterns from the north which bring lower than average temperature and rain. Details of the "hurricane season" and of recent storms are given in the Belize Weather and Seasons site. Even so, whatever the extremes, Belize can truly be described as a tropical paradise.

The links given at the "Resources" tab on this site and the book "How to Retire in Belize" by Les Johns provide more detail on this subject.


Natural or Sun time is a function of the earth’s rotation on its axis. As the earth turns from west to east so the Sun rises later in locations west of any given location. Amanda Briney describes the relationship between longitude and time in more detail than is needed here. There are a number of web sites that allow a display of time at various places around the world.

Belize is a small country with only a short east-west width and does not, therefore, cross time zones. A useful facility for keeping track of time can be found at the site. However, the World Clock remains a "standard" in this field of information. Another site presenting this kind of data in yet another way is at this site. As with most countries in the tropics daylught saving is not observed in Belize.

The links given at the "Resources" tab on this site and the book "How to Retire in Belize" by Les Johns deal fully with the subject of time.